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Why builders work with Edgewoods

Timber has long been one of the most used materials for builders. Known for its sturdiness, and durability, timber is often used as the main element when building a residential or commercial building, so why not use it on the floor?

Timber flooring is having a revival of sorts. Due to the vast range of solid and engineered wood products on the market, including parquet, chevron flooring, herringbone and antique tailored panels which all come in a variety of species, grades and styles, it’s no wonder why builders are implementing timber.

Why Builders choose solid or engineered timber flooring

A well-made, correctly installed solid or engineered timber floor will add warmth, character and value to any interior, making it a classic addition to any commercial or residential property development.

Builders have a thorough understanding of the materials which will satisfy all of their structural and budget requirements. Having a range of timber flooring designs in the market, which all have the ability to be modified to reach price and design points, it’s no wonder why timber flooring is being applied into a number of spaces.

Wood flooring is one of the most durable on the market. An engineered timber floor should last from 20 to 100 years, depending on the thickness of the top coat. The quality of a product will affect the longevity and resilience of both engineered and solid timber flooring.

Timbers ability to be modified

Both solid and engineered timber has the ability to be modified, creating even more options to meet the builder’s requirements. Our team at Edgewoods work with our sourcing partners to provide better pricing options for products. Whether you are looking for different sizes, colours, thickness, finishes or grains, our in-house team has the ability to diversify offerings to meet builder specifications. Working with a company who has the ability to source, manufacture and install, Edgewoods provides transparency unlike any other company on the market allowing us to make builders jobs easier.

Installing solid or engineered timber flooring

Depending on the property, different timber flooring planks will be used. With timber, the boards chosen come in a range of different sizes and thickness, therefore our in-house installation company will use different fitting techniques

Thin planks of engineered timber under 2 centimetres can be glued much like vinyl flooring. This allows for a seamless finish, perfect for contemporary spaces. Antique and reclaimed panels are often used to create a rustic feel. With these solid timber boards, instalment is often via nails to a wooden sub-floor. It is often very difficult to find symmetrical reclaimed boards in look, feel and size. This is one of their major advantages and makes for a striking finish to space.

With technology, timber flooring has changed. Now many engineered floorings are developed with an advanced tongue and groove system that locks each panel into place allowing for quick application. Creating a simple and seamless finish, this new innovation is quickly becoming one of the most used ways to install engineered timber.

With one of the largest and most experienced installation teams, we have the skills necessary to lay your flooring in quick time. Get in contact and learn more now.