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How to choose a price competitive timber floor

When building developments, project managers have to stick to strict budgets and even tighter schedules. To make sure each element comes in on target, it is vital developers and builders work together to get the best quality products at the most competitive prices.

Timber flooring comes in a number of designs, colours and grades, each element having the potential to vary the overall cost. At Edgewoods our integrated team allows us to provide one solution for builders and developers from supply all the way to installation and aftercare.

Price Competitiveness

Sticking to budgets is vital to have a successful development that does not cut on final finishes diminishing the overall property value. With quick access to some of the most popular and high-quality wood floors through our supply partnerships, we have constant stock allowing builders and developers to choose from a variety of products which range in value.

If you have a required flooring or preferred colour which is out of budget our manufacturing team has the ability to customise boards in the form of colour, grain, thickness, finishes or base layer construction. Creating a bespoke timber floor does not cost any more, in fact, we will work with you to produce a floor that meets all requirements. Product matching is an innovative way to create a perfect look that will feature prominently within a new development.

When it comes to price, we make sure that when manufacturing a product we do not compromise on quality. We work with all parties to create a design that will have an instant statement impact in any traditional or contemporary setting. One way to customise a floor that will not only make a statement but can also help stay on price is by using a number of board widths and lengths, this is often seen within European design. These custom features can be used within any development.

Timber Grades

Timber flooring is often graded into three categories, prime, natural and rustic. There are a number of elements that go into defining timber flooring within the grading system. Generally speaking the more differentiation between each individual timber, the lower the grade and subsequently the cost.

The highest grade of timber is often known as AB or prime timber. This flooring is characterised with slight colour variation, creating a uniform look when installed. Each board has minimal natural knots creating a seamless look throughout a room. Due to the limited supply of this raw material and cut, prime timber flooring is the most expensive.

Natural Grade or ABC flooring is the most commonly used. Each board is filled with character with slight variations within colour, texture and knots which can reach as large as 3cm. On natural grade timber flooring you should expect checks, these will be filled to complement the wood, providing a clean textural finish.

Rustic grade or ABCD timber provides unlimited knots, veins patterns and staining. This type of flooring offers great value for money.

At Edgewoods our ABCD grade boards resemble the quality of most manufacturers ABC grade timber. Within each pack, our panels have clean grains, uniformed colours and finishes with only a few boards having evident knots. Therefore, we are offering natural grade timber flooring at the cost of rustic, providing our clients with the most economical option.

When looking for a price competitive floor, it is important to think about the aesthetic you are trying to create within the development. With there being very little difference between our ABC and ABCD grade timber floors, we not only save on costs for builders but will also help create a textual experience within each room. If you are looking to produce rustic charm within your development we have a range of products that will create warmth and an intimate atmosphere.


At Edgewoods our large internal installation team works in conjunction with our manufacturing department allowing us to work on multiple development projects at once. Throughout our manufacturing process, our team make smart decisions on behalf of your project. One way to cut down lead times is through having ready boards at the factory waiting for final finishing only. This alone can reduce lead times by up to 4 weeks! Using our in-house installation team and the right management cuts time and saves you money!

If you would like to know more about our products and services, get in touch today!