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How timber flooring is changing the face of the workspace

When designing your office interior space it’s important the environment supports your workplace culture. Now more than ever, the design and layout of a workspace needs to be homely and inviting to support productivity within our busy working life schedules.

There are a number of office designs for your workplace, whether you are looking to create a shared space, offices, or an open floor plan to optimise workflow, the design that you create needs to minimise barriers and promote healthy decisions.

There are many elements that go into the design of an office, whether you look at the colours on the walls, the lighting, office fixtures or the flooring used, each feature will play a vital role in building the ambience you desire whether this be a neutral relaxing quiet workspace or a vibrant, minimalist room that provokes creativity. The design will play a major element.

Why timber flooring makes the perfect choice for an office space

The natural visual appeal of timber and its strong and sturdy characteristics make it one of the best flooring options for commercial spaces. Put these together with the many colour choices and contemporary or traditional designs on the market, the use of timber flooring is now being used to create an instant impact as soon as you enter.

Using natural elements throughout a workplace has many intrinsic benefits. The use of timber flooring increases the feelings of wellbeing and higher productivity increasing levels of concentration and workplace satisfaction whilst minimising stress levels. Not only does it have benefits for individuals within, it also is a natural insulator, therefore with proper installation from our in house team, using timber flooring can reduce heat and cooling costs resulting in a more comfortable working environment.

Why colour tones play such a major role

It is said that an average adult will spend more than 50% of their daytime hours in an office. With this being such a central part of many people’s lives an office design needs to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere that functions well.

Timber flooring is available in a range of styles, finishes and widths that allow you to have more flexibility with the final look of your flooring. The colour you choose will have a drastic effect on your developments aesthetic. Using light and white tones will give the room a Scandinavian feel, creating a minimalist, distraction-free space that induces a sense of openness, perfect for welcoming staff and visitors into a contemporary building each day.

If you are renovating a space to create the perfect workshop, why not reflect the creative edge and use natural, rustic, reclaimed timber on the floors. If on the other hand, you’re looking to create a powerful, dramatic boardroom to promote knowledge and help place yourself as a market leader why not use dark timber colours like greys and blacks which provide a high-class luxury finish to any room.

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