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correct colour flooring for your development

The importance of choosing the correct colour timber flooring for your development.

Choosing the correct colour timber flooring for developments can be an overwhelming task. As one of the biggest surface areas, flooring is a vital design element of any interior. It is imperative that your choice complements your overall design as well as playing a practical resolution.

When planning a project, interior designers will look at the aesthetic trying to be created. Flooring can play a major role in creating a sense of openness and flow in a contemporary open plan home or office, all the way to creating a rustic, warm soulful interior. One of the main ways to achieve this is through the use of the finished colour. The style and location of the development should influence but not determine the flooring decision. It’s important to look at the target demographic and overall architectural finish, this will impact how experimental designers can be and what kind of statement is trying to be achieved.

Room size and the effect of light

One of the most important elements which need to be considered when choosing the colour tone is the amount of natural light, room size and the amount of space within. No matter how big or small the room is, the colour of the floor will have a major impact on the ambience of the area. If you have a large open-planned space with an abundance of natural light, darker coloured timber floor will help to draw the room in whilst adding depth and character. On the other hand, if you have a small room with artificial light, using natural colours will make all the difference in opening a room up making it appear more spacious and brighter.

When experimenting with colours, and choosing the correct palette for the development, it’s important to have an understanding as to how the colour of the floor will appear to change as the natural light evolves throughout the day, showcasing the different striking characteristics of the knots and grains which make up each board. This is where samples come in handy!

At Edgewoods we have the ability to work with builders to supply, match and produce colours that suit your development. We have a vast range of stock in a variety of colours so you are bound to find a colour that suits your requirements. If not, our factory can match a colour and provide samples in two weeks allowing for decisions to be made easier due to you having a better understanding and context of the overall impact of the colour within the development.

The need for greater colour choice

When it comes to timber flooring many suppliers are limited with the colour range they are able to offer due to their limited production capability. This can make choosing the perfect colour for a project difficult and costly if there is no alternative on offer. The majority of suppliers of timber flooring have a colour palette that includes 10-12 commonly available tones. At Edgewoods we can produce a wide range of colours comfortably with our supply and manufacturing teams.

Working with developers, builders and designers we have the ability to produce timber boards which are the desired colour to meet budgets as well as specifications. Builders are choosing to work with Edgewoods due to our ability to colour match tones and provide cheaper cost alternatives that do not compromise on quality.

Not only are we able to provide a variety of samples, but we are also able to cut down on lead times from production to supply to 4-5 rather than 6-8 weeks once the colour has been signed off by the developer. We work with interiors designers so they go directly to our supplier, this way they are able to choose from a vast choice of products and colours, cutting down time as there will be no need to further source and visit multiple suppliers.

At Edgewoods we are not restricted when it comes to supplying and manufacturing timber flooring to meet requirements. In fact, we will be announcing further new product colours over the coming weeks! If you would like to receive samples or to learn more about the products we offer, get in touch today.