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At Edgewoods we have exceptional supplier partnerships allowing us to provide a full range of the best timber flooring on the market. We recognise that sometimes supply products do not meet design specifications and project budgets; this is why we have our own manufacturing department. The knowledge and expertise our team has acquired over the years allow us to make smart and innovative decisions throughout our manufacturing processes which helps to cut costs and create flooring choices which meet the standards of developers, architects and builders.

When developers look to sign off on all products used within a new project, they will look at a range of criteria making sure each individual element meets price, look and quality specifications. Developers have come accustomed to using timber flooring within projects due to its versatility, texture and warmth it adds to space.

Create and deliver with an edge Solid and engineered timber flooring is fast becoming the preferred type of flooring for commercial establishments. Due to the conventional construction methods, the striking characteristics of the knots and grains often create a unique focal point for commercial buildings. When you utilise solid and engineered timber flooring, there’s a myriad of opportunities available for commercial developments.

The use of timber is experiencing an upturn. Due to its versatility and instant impact, it’s immensely attractive to architects making it the preferred flooring choice for many. It’s important to make a building creative, innovative and comfortable, and what better way to do so than through the use of timber flooring.

Timber has long been one of the most used materials for builders. Known for its sturdiness, and durability, timber is often used as the main element when building a residential or commercial building, so why not use it on the floor?

At Edgewoods every step is done in-house which sets us apart from our competitors. With our exceptional supplier partnerships, which allow us to source a variety of timber products, to our manufacturing department which allows us to modify flooring to meet builders, developers and architects needs and budgets, to our internal installation company that takes charge of all fitting and aftercare. Our fully integrated in-house experience streamlines the end-to-end process allowing us to complete large-scale residential developments and commercial flooring projects on time with guaranteed completion.