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3 reasons why interior designers are choosing customised floorings for developments

Interior designers are choosing engineered flooring to customise choices more than ever to meet developer’s preferences, appeals and budgets. Timber flooring has long been a staple choice for many designers due to its warmth, versatility and luxury appeal. Developers are looking for the best and most value-added finishes from all proposed flooring choices. It’s vitally important they appeal to the target demographics of the development and promotes the correct ambiance of the space whether this is calm and contemporary or luxury and powerful. With access to some of the most spectacular collections, we can provide the perfect solution for all project needs.

Cost Advantages

When tendering to developers, interior designers need to consider the cost of all finishes. Having an understanding of specifications and how these can be customised to suit a development allows designers to produce a proposal with a range of options to suit varying budget levels.

There is a big misconception attached to timber flooring surrounding costs, with many designers and developers questioning whether they can find a solution to fit their budgets. Engineered flooring can provide a cost-friendly solution compared to carpet, tiles or even solid oak which are indistinguishable in appearance and quality. Working with our in-house manufacturing team we will be able to provide exemplary products and quick turn-around times allowing you to not break the budget but allowing you to experience the gorgeous textures of oak flooring.


At Edgewoods our supply partnerships provide us with access to one of the largest product ranges in Australia for designers to choose from. From these, our manufacturing department has the ability to customise boards to suit specific brief specifications. Whether you are looking for a subtle, minimal product that will blend into a contemporary design or are looking for a prestigious, high-end product that promotes luxury or tradition we work with interior designers to customise these boards to suit all requirements. To help agree on costs, both the designers and developers can work with contractors and our team to customise a product, whether this is through colour, grain, thickness, finishes or base layer construction.

Design starts from the floor up, the level of finish within a development will play an important role when it comes to valuations and how quickly a project is taken off the market. A high-standard quality timber flooring will help towards presenting a superior appearance.

Making your timber floor unique

Whether you are designing a residential development or commercial establishment, making the project unique helps a building stand out. One of the best ways to do this is through using a distinctive flooring choice which is not standard, creating an instant impact in the space.

Whether you use a parquetry design e.g. Herringbone (single, double or diagonal), Square Basket, Chevron, Brick or Diagonal Basket etc. or you use a range of board widths and lengths in your design, these elements will help to make a lasting impression.

Many commercial developments, e.g. hotels often choose to use solid reclaimed timber for their rustic charm. With a personalised design, whether these are used on the walls, stairs, or the floor there are a number of options which provide the perfect way to create a unique statement.

To get customised samples or to learn more about our products get in touch now.